Carbon dioxide levels dating far back

The Scripps CO2 measurements at Mauna Loa have been supported for many years by the U. Department of Energy (DOE), and have more recently been supplemented by Earth Networks, a technology company that is collaborating with Scripps to expand the global GHG monitoring network.

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was likely representative of “background” conditions, defined as times when the measurement is representative of air at mid-altitudes over the Pacific Ocean.

That air has had several days time or more to mix, smoothing out most of the CO such as caused by the vegetation on the island of Hawaii, and likewise emissions from the volcanic crater of Mauna Loa.

Notably, the team identified non-condensing greenhouse gases -- such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons -- as providing the core support for the terrestrial greenhouse effect. A companion study led by GISS co-author Gavin Schmidt that has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research shows that carbon dioxide accounts for about 20 percent of the greenhouse effect, water vapor and clouds together account for 75 percent, and minor gases and aerosols make up the remaining five percent.

The enhancement of the CO mole fraction in the atmosphere over pre-industrial is expressed both as ppm and as a percentage change since the year 1800.An observatory at Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the main measuring station with records dating back to 1958, "predicts that carbon dioxide concentrations will stay above 400 ppm for the whole of 2016 and not dip below that level for many generations," the WMO said. If we want we can do it," she said, recalling Europe's successful efforts to combat acid rain by eliminating sulfur and nitrogen emissions. If you take an action and you sign a treaty and everybody follows their commitments.Carbon dioxide levels will continue rising unless the world stops burning fossil fuels and starts planting trees, said WMO's atmospheric environment research chief Oksana Tarasova. It's not magic." Man-made warming is blamed for causing heatwaves, downpours, droughts and rising ocean levels.The El Nino is linked with more droughts and wildfires in the tropics, meaning less vegetation to absorb carbon dioxide.A UN panel of climate scientists estimates that concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are at their highest in at least 800,000 years.

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By this accounting, carbon dioxide is responsible for 80 percent of the radiative forcing that sustains the Earth’s greenhouse effect.

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