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What's important is that you both send out regular signals that say, 'I know you're there, and I love you.'" Warning signals With unhappy couples, that sense of connection is simply missing.

"If your husband is baring his teeth or jabbing his finger at your chest, he may be unconsciously trying to threaten you into submission — even if he doesn't actually touch you," says Dr. Be wary, too, if he's turning his body away, wearing a glazed expression or darting his eyes around the room.

Take your husband's face in your hands and give him a kiss.

The loving feelings you generate in those 30 seconds will last through dinner and way beyond.

You may still be sitting together, but if you're only halfway through your chicken breast and he's already on his tea and biscotti, the much-desired synchronicity — a mirroring of movements observed in happy couples — is nowhere to be found. If you're at opposite ends of a long table, you may be in conflict over who's the boss, if only on a subconscious level, says Fast. If your spouse is on one side and your baby is in a high chair on the other, you're going to be spending most of the meal with your back turned to your husband.

Ways to send a more loving message To change the dinnertime dynamic, change your seat.

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